Whoever loves to cook or have others cook for them will get their money's worth with this kitchen island. The island consists of a counter of contrasting colors that blends into a solid block with an integrated stovestop. Handless drawers and pullouts help you hide all the necessary kitchen utensils.

The table-high counter is not only suitable to offer appetizers before dinner for your guests or drink a glass of wine together in the evening, it's also perfect for a quick cup of coffee to start your day. Here too, the kitchen and living room become harmonious with an impressive sideboard.

In order to keep the design simple, middle-high side cabinets come into play. This is where the solid ceramic fronts hide the dishwasher and the fridge, which you can open at the touch of a button. Even an automatic coffee machine and an oven are integrated into those boards.

And the base unit provides individual and ergonomic working options thanks to its adjustable sink module, while deilcate wall units complete the modern look.

Material: CERA

The countertops are made of the same material as the fronts of the floor units. This makes each of the working spaces look like beautiful monolith blocks. Cera refers to a robust ceramic front. Mineral ceramic is sanded flush at its edges already during the production stage. The front perfectly suits designs with architectonic requirements and is resistant to scratches and shocks. It is available in black brown (oxide nero), in a natural concrete color (concretto), in light concrete grey (consigo), and in elegant anthracite (convinta).

Material: FORTA

The counter consists of a robust melamine top. Its elm version (caruba) is available as a front as well. It is called FORTA and has the lowest price within the assortment.

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