A lifestyle kitchen for living - that is the origin and the client's wish behind this kitchen design. On the shared path between planner and client, a kitchen was designed to harmoniously fit in the modern loft and to set up the furniture skillfully in an urban style.
It fulfills every wish of its technologically savvy and comfort-loving users in terms of functionality. The integrated tielsa professional hub modules
allow you to work at an ergonomic height, whether you were cooking or washing the dishes, and can be controlled by app. The lights of the wall unit can also be controlled in a convenient and modern way and the newly downloaded playlists of your favorite songs can be played using the app.

Even the fixed cabinets in this kitchen design have ergonomic features. The integrated corner cabinet is equipped with a swing-out floor, which doesn't only make easier to reach the pans but also ensures an optimum use of storage space all the way to the back.

Behind the simple rotating doors of the counter facing the functional units are practical internal pullouts so that you can clearly arrange and stow your utensils.

The counter is not only a much used breakfast or snack bar but also connects the kitchen to your living room. The kitchen and living room are harmonious in regard to the choice of material as well as the well-chosen and carefully set up decoration.

Connecting design elements play a special role in open floor plans in order to harmonize living spaces and have them simultaneously appear as single yet united.

Connecting elements can be found everywhere on the floor plan of this loft. Even the bedroom and bathroom were taken into consideration. This does not only lead to a matching overall design but also to a spacious appearance through the neutral concrete mixed with warm wood and pastel colors.

Material: FORTA

The melamine version from FORTA was chosen for the fronts. It has an especially cozy and warm effect in oak colors. The countertop is made of the same material yet combined with a contrasting white. This design is highlighted by the quartz counter surface. This material is not only durable but also quite practical for daily use. This assortment of countertops was named "Cosmostone" and is available in several attractive color nuances in addition to the "iceberg" color. The FORTA fronts are available in various colors.

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