This design is distinguished by its multifunctional, centrally-placed kitchen island superstructure. It allows you to cook and work at a customized height and offers a whole lot of storage space. The adjustable working module will surprise you with the built-in space for a TV.

The base unit of this island is furnished according to the concept of ergonomics and offers, thanks to a servo drive, easy-opening floor units in addition to the hub module with a sink. Wall units with flap doors provide storage space at eye level.

The elaborate order of modules of side cabinets can be used to either hide or show. Fridge, dishwasher, and medicine cabinet are well hidden and can be opened at the touch of a button thanks to the servo drive fittings. Your appliances will also be skilfully displayed in the open shelf design of the side cabinets.

Material: MATA

The colors of this design are accentuated by the simple yet elegant MATA satin finish glass front. The white lacquered glass is not only an optical but also an artisanal highlight. It is sanded flush so that all the edges are level and smooth. Thanks to a special process, MATA can be even furnished with handle bores. They also look particularly beautiful with a handle strip. MATA is available in 3 more colors: ultra white, magnolia white, and cashmere.

Material: TIMBA

The TIMBA front, made of real wood veneer, was set as an accent color. This way, the wall units and part of the side cabinets have the same color tone as the kitchen island superstructure. The walnut-brown veneered front is furnished with a frame of solid wood, polished, and then varnished with a colorless water-based finish.
This makes it solid, while preserving its natural look. TIMBA is available in walnut wood (which is used in the design) as well as in wild and carbon oak wood.

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