Epecially for small kitchen areas, well-thought-out designs pay off. Little space requires clever solutions while offering the advantage of short walking distances. The kitchen niche that is open to the living room is furnished with a classical L-shaped base unit, completing a practical corner with the tielsa professional hub module. 

The adjustable hub module is both, a working space to prepare meals and a desk for doing homework.

The integrated pull-out hub shelf is the right place for your glasses.

The many drawers and pullouts can often be used to stow utensils and store food. They are equipped with an opening support system and are thus specially easy to operate.

The shelf where cookbooks and many other things can be displayed, provides an easy going design.

The sideboard, a part of the parallel unit, is the place to stow your electrical appliances.

Material: MIRA

The MIRA lacquered front gives this kitchen design depth. Its high-gloss appearance lends the kitchen more spaciousness. The magnolia white provides a feeling of warmth in spite of its mirroring effect and creates a harmonic connection to the countertop made of natural stone. The MIRA front is also available in white.  

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