Kitchen furniture

tielsa:select the basic equipment of the tielsa kitchen.
A range of furniture with various systems, modules, and designs - the combination of aesthetic and ergonomics in your kitchen.

Movable elements

With its innovative and adjustable kitchens, tielsa offers an absolutely unprecedented operating comfort - for a maximum of ergonomics in the kitchen.

The smart home system

tielsa:connect links home and highly-quality life. It is pre-installed in tielsa kitchens and serves as a central unit to control your house or can be integrated into existing smart home systems. It gives you the comforting feeling of being able to see that your home is under control. tielsa:connect basically consists of a box having an universal smart home interface. The tielsa app not only allows you to control the kitchen but also many other appliances at distance using a smartphone.

Safety at home

tielsa:protect keeps you safe, even in the worst-case scenario. Elaborate solutions are already available to help you now, and tielsa keeps developing new ones - for safety at home.

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