Just like with the unconventional floor plan, the kitchen design should also differ from the classics. The desired result was accomplished after breaking down the working spaces into single modules. Working, dishwashing, and cooking can all take place on a slanted unit. The working space, with its two supplementary hub modules, is completed with a wall-mounted side cabinet where you can store your electrical appliances.

In order to keep a disturbing extractor hood from interfering in your field of view or communication,
a hood that fits into the module and draws the steam backwards was set up here.

The practical internal pullouts hide utensils and food as long as they are not needed and allow you to retrieve them easily when they are.

The kitchen unit itself offers quite a lot of storage place too. And the practical pullouts are supplemented with interior drawers.

The open design of the kitchen and living room sparks the desire for furnishings to match the front and the grid. The option that was realized was a wall-mounted sideboard with a suitable wall unit solution completed with connecting shelves. Creativity has no limits here. 

Material: TENERA

The multifaceted TENERA lacquered front was chosen here. The lacquered TENERA front is available in ultra white, white, light grey, magnolia white, cashmere and fango, while dark blue, platinum blue, steel blue, graphite, and violet-grey produce a stronger presence. The real eye-catchers are nevertheless saffron yellow, yellow-green, and dark orange. TENERA is also available in all RAL and NCS colors. All the colors are matt-coated. TENERA's counterpart is the TURA front with its textured finish, which is available in the same colors.

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