When it's hard to say where your favorite room begins and ends. One thing is however undeniable, namely that this design is more daring than any other kitchen with a classical structure of modules and usual floor plans.

The floor units turns into a seat. This way, others can easily join in while you cook. In addition, this module links the kitchen to the living room.

The counter with a filigree look is yet another highlight of this design. This is where you can have easy-going conversations or have some appetizers.

In this design, the pull-out cabinet with a stovetop has an adjustable height. The pullout offers storage place and makes the kitchen unit look as if it were floating.

The interior furnishings made of real wood make this kitchen even cozier than it already is.

Material: TENERA

The lacquered TENERA front is available in ultra white, white, light grey, magnolia white, cashmere, and fango, while dark blue, platinum blue, steel blue, graphite, and violet-grey produce a stronger presence. The real eye-catchers are nevertheless curry yellow, mustard green, and dark orange. All the colors are matt-coated. TENERA is also available in all RAL and NCS colors.
All the colors are matt-coated.

Material: TURA

TENERA's counterpart is the TURA front with its textured finish, which is available in the same colors.

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