Spaciousness and symmetry are the focus of this design. The sink and working space are set in a frame of high cabinets. The fridge, automatic coffee machine, oven, and dishwasher are integrated into the side cabinets. The work island facing them offers a lot of space to cook and prepare. It is adjoined by a conversation island with display cabinets and a large counter which consists of two interconnected hub modules. The hub modules can either be operated by use of the integrated switch or the corresponding app. You can even switch on or adjust the music and lights this way. The tielsa app, with its memory feature, is especially convenient in your daily life since it allows you save any arrangement you wish. This feature is essential when the kitchen is regularly used by many people.

The faucet can be operated by voice command. This allows you to request a defined quantity of water by voice command and to work in an environment-friendly way. The sink is integrated into the hub module tielsa basic. It allows you to work in a back-friendly manner, while making full use of the available storage space, since the entire floor cabinet can be raised over the base. The swing-out iMove fitting is integrated in the wall unit. This allows for an easy and ergonomic access of the two upper shelves.

The hub module tielsa professional is integrated into the work island and is equipped with a stovetop. The sliding doors of the wall units and display cabinets allow you to hide or display as much as you desire.

Materials: TIMBA and LUMA

Even the choice of fronts reflects the connection between tradition and modernity. The side cabinets radiate warmth and elegance with their natural wood veneer in the carbon oak version from TIMBA. The modern light grey lacquered LUMA fronts provide contrast to these cabients. LUMA is also available in ultra white, white, magnolia white, and cashmere. TIMBA offers yet two further veneer versions in wild oak and walnut brown.

The ceramic countertop completes this elegant kitchen design. It offers a soft consigno color and harmonizes with the light grey LUMA lacquered fronts. The assortment of ceramic countertops encompasses many other color nuances.

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