The loft kitchen has an island at its center. Cooking, working, and preparing turn into sheer pleasure when managing it all at one's own individual height.
The adjustable modules are equipped with practical pullouts and are equipped with comfortable shelf solutions on both sides.

The sides of the island can be adjoined by further blocks. They can either be used as additional working space or as a place to drink your morning coffee or some wine in the evening. The last of which should be done the most, because this kitchen invites you to have many dinners with your friends and family. When the room is so inviting that the party begins in the kitchen.

The design of the wall units alongside the wall is symmetrically oriented towards the island. Enclosed shelves lend spaciousness to the cabinet design. And your appliances can be arranged vertically in the side cabinets.

The sideboard linked to its other side adds an element of comfort and even more storage space.

Material: TURA

The lacquered TURA front is available in ultra white, white, light grey, magnolia white, cashmere, and fango, while dark blue, platinum blue, steel blue, graphite, and violet-grey produce a stronger presence. The real eye-catchers are nevertheless curry yellow, mustard green, and dark orange. TURA is also available in all RAL and NCS colors. All the colors are matt-coated.

Material: Forta

TURA's counterpart is the TENERA front with its matt-lacquered finish, which is available in the same colors. Fronts with a wooden look are particularly beautiful when combined with lacquered fronts. The elm version (caruba) was chosen for this design. This front from the FORTA assortment is a particularly robust melamine front. It is also available in sanremo oak, cashmere grey oak, and wild oak as well as in walnut, ultra white, white, magnolia white, cashmere, light grey, and oxide grey.

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